Flexible skincare: the key to patient satisfaction

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Where to start?

A skincare system that is flexible and can be tailored to individual patient needs sounds like an obvious product offering for a clinic, but with the wealth of choice how do you and your patients cut through the hype and confusion caused by all the fancy marketing? A system that offers multiple protocols, flexible products, an option to ‘take it easy’ and one that is simple for the client to follow eg has easy to read labels is more likely to result in greater compliance leading to higher levels of patient satisfaction and ultimately enduring customer loyalty something high on the ‘to do’ list of all successful clinics

Maybe the biggest challenge a clinic can face is in choosing their preferred skincare system. Finding one with that holy grail of balance between actually being powerful enough to work ie with proven, demonstrable results versus the associated downtime and reactions associated with such active ingredients can tempt the practitioner to sacrifice results in order to fit in with the lifestyle of the patient– mistake!. In a world when quick wins and instant satisfaction is actively sought by consumers achieving this balance is imperative. If it doesn’t work your reputation is affected, if it is too difficult for the patient to manage they won’t comply so it won’t work and so the circle goes on.

A good skincare system needs to offer a clinic the tools to treat a wide variety of patient skin concerns, include prescription strength options and be able to be tailored to suit busy modern lives so that results are not compromised in the long run and any potential downtime & reactions are limited to the acceptable. A flexible skincare system should also provide clinics with component ‘add on’ products for use when required as well as standalone products that can easily enhance any daily skincare regime.

What makes a good skincare system?

As a medical skincare range with provenance Obagi Medical Products can be trusted to offer all of the above. Obagi does this by working to transform cellular functions of the skin reducing fine-lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone including some melasma, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. The full Obagi range is extensive and offers clinics the ability to tailor treatments from the very gentle to the rapid results option for individual patients and skin types. There are 2 distinct advantages to offering patients a system such as Obagi. Many of the active ingredients such as Tretinoin are component parts of the system, available in strengths ranging from 0.025%-0.1%, meaning there are options when prescribing for a patient. A patient who presents with a more sensitive skin type or is concerned about excessive redness or peeling during the initial treatment phase, a well known consequence of rapid skin renewal, can be prescribed a lower percentage and their programme tailored to apply product less frequently allowing a tolerance to develop. Although this can mean that desired results whilst take a bit longer to be seen it does mean the patient is more likely to continue with the treatment, require less reassurance and will return to you, a satisfied client, when ready for additional treatments.

There is risk in offering lots of individual products from multiple ranges. Equally there are benefits to understanding the benefits of a system. An Obagi protocol can be created on a patient by patient basis with the practitioner able to create ‘rest days’, increase or decrease the strength of active ingredients, swap out certain components and introduce additional products such as the soothing Obagi Hydrate or a Professional-C Serum to improve results whilst, at the same time, reducing downtime and improving the patient’s journey.


Getting additional flexibility from a skincare system

A system that contains both prescription and non-prescription variations offers the clinic even greater flexibility. Within the Obagi range the non prescription ranges are noted by the addition of Fx next to the name of the main transformation systems such as Obagi Nu-Derm Fx and Obagi C-Fx. Both of these non-prescription versions have been recently reformulated with the interesting Oligopeptides which have been proven to be highly effective in treating pigmentation and other signs of skin ageing. An option like Nu-Derm Fx offers a soft approach, ideal for patients seeking a milder end result and an uninterrupted daily schedule. The flexibility of Obagi helps clinics manage patient concerns and those that are sensitive to prescription strength active ingredients.

Getting additional flexibility from a skincare system

The days of side effects that risked patient non-compliance are long gone. A system like Obagi can easily be adapted to your patients needs by simply adjusting the protocol to better suit your patient. Making it easy for your patients to comply without compromising on results is a win win for all. Its simple: all that needs to be done is titrate down on those stronger products such as AHA’s and BHA’s, and these products: Clear or Clear Fx, Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte & Blender, Blender Fx and Tretinoin. The standard Obagi protocol seeks to have a patient using all products every day of the week for optimum results in a relatively short period of time, but by pulling back on some products to alternate days, patient initial treatment reactions can be better managed. This is ideal for patients that want to step cautiously into a medical skincare range, for those with sensitive or more fragile skin or for patients whose lifestyle that does not allow periods of downtime. Ultimately a patient can stay on a protocol like this for the duration but it may take them longer to see the end result than on the original standard protocol. Alternatively, if they are happy with how the product is working on their skin and feel a little more confident following a review practitioners can increase the protocol in order to establish daily use of the active ingredients.

The choice is yours and the time is your patients.

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